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Are you ready to put the FUN in FORK and the HAPPY in HEALTHY? If the answer is yes, this group is perfect for you. The focus of this group is to support healthy living through food. This group is ideal for individuals motivated to enhance their health and physical performance through food. Ideal members are over 25 who are ready to transform their lives exploring food, nutrition, and physical activity in a fun-friendly supportive environment.

General Meet-up Date, Time, & Location: Will vary based on activity

Food FIT Topics: Members will explore the dynamic relationship between food and health. We'll cover health topics that range from inflammation, autoimmune disease, and gut health to fueling athletic performance as they all go hand in hand. You'll learn about the medicinal properties of various foods, how metabolism works and why counting calories does not work, how to set up a FIT kitchen, develop and create Easy-Scratch recipes. We'll identify essential cooking equipment ideal for fast food preparation and learn how to sprout micro seeds and grains that protect health. We'll take a trip to the farmers market, grocery store, go to a local eatery to decode the menu and discuss the latest hot topics on food fads, dietary supplements and more.

Rules: As the host, I will; organize all events, communicate membership fees, show up on time, seek to understand before being understood, listen with an open mind, offer support and guidance as professionally appropriate, and remove members who may not be suitable for the group as a whole.

As a member, you will; make a commitment to your health and fitness goals, show up, arrive on time, cancel in advance if you can't make it and respect your peers ideas and be supportive. This means you will listen as much as you contribute and be receptive to new ideas.

Food FIT Membership Fee: There will be a fee associated with this group to cover the cost of each event, materials, time, and planning. The fee will be posted for each event.

About the Organizer: Welcome Food FIT Friends! Hi, I'm Kameo Snyder, founder of Cookin' up Fitness (http://www.cookinupfitness.com). I'm a wife and mother, private practice registered dietitian/functional nutritionist, exercise enthusiast, native California turned Virginian and lover of good ole' homemade cookin'. Over the past 20 years, I've worked in hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, universities, and even a culinary school. I currently specialize in correcting digestive disorders, inflammation, and supporting autoimmune health. The focus of this group will be foods that support health, athletic performance and how to build a food fit life through education, shopping, cooking, sharing ideas, and moving. If you would like to work with me privately please clink on the Cookin' up Fitness link above. Having said that, I have a wealth of knowledge and more importantly, real life experiences to share with you about foods that can transform your health and your life.

So let's get this party started, make new friends, and spread the word of food FIT living.

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