What we're about

Who are we: We are a group of creatives who love what we do. Some of us are complete beginners and others are experienced brands and businesses. Everyone of every skill level is encouraged to join as long as everyone has a good attitude and a willingness to learn and get along.

Group Goal: To promote the love of photography and modeling in a safe, fun, non-competitive and encouraging environment. To connect for collaboration purposes. To promote emerging brands and give exposure to those who want it.

Types of activities I would like to run workshops, classes, group photo shoots, and collaboration events, dinners, and possibly photography excursions.

Fee: This group costs the Admin approximately $80.00 to operate annually. This is not a free group for the Admin and the Admin reserves the right to charge reasonable fees to those participating in the activity to helpcover Meet up Organizer Subscription costs and compensate for time spent organizing.

Photo-shoot Guidelines.


TFP: Time For Pictures shoots. Models and photographers can build their portfolios free of charge.
Instead of hiring a model or photographer for portfolio work, the photographer provides the model with a specified amount of pictures in exchange for their time.
Both parties are free to use the edited and selected images in their portfolios.
At least a couple of photos should be uploaded to the group page, where both model and photographer can gain exposure, and also help the group grow.

Sometimes I will organize themes, and everyone will know in advance of the shoot.
The rest of the time will be an open shoot where models and photographers just collaborate, make connections, and most importantly have fun!

Set up: It is my goal to have all attending models able to work with all attending photographers. Shoot times will likely be somewhere around 30 minutes before we rotate and try working with a new person. Remember, this is a network so you can exchange contact information if you want to do more shooting privately.

Respect: We have never had an issue in our group where a member has felt disrespected, and I intend to keep it that way.

I don’t want to go over the things we all know already, like: be nice, compassionate, no drama. I don’t have time or patience for that and if you bring any negativity to the group I will kick you out of the group with no questions asked.

Models: If you are not comfortable doing a style, pose or anything else please feel free to say no. The photographers should not pressure you to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

Photographers should not touch the models without permission, and no one should feel pressured to give out contact information if they choose not to.

Post Processing and Putting Images Online

Photographers and models should work together to decide which photos are to be used.

Watermarking is ultimately the decision of the photographer. However, if watermarks are used, they should be tasteful and not take away from the image.

Uploading to the Internet

Before ANY images go on the internet (including the Facebook group) the photographer must have the models permission. Likewise, models must agree only to post photographs that the photographer has approved.

Any images that are online must give credit to anyone involved in the shot, including Model and Photographer.

When posting to the group: When posting to the group, please note that I may use those photos in the group Instagram, or other promotions as well. Model, Photographer and myself will be tagged in these images if they are used.

Why will I be tagged: As group admin, I want people to be able to find me to ask questions about our group or make connections. I have had several bloggers, and other creatives contact me about the group and it is my hope that this will help us grow. Secondly, I want to promote everyone so they can grow their brand/business if that is their wish. However, since I am doing this free of charge, my name will be associated with anything relating to the promotion of the group. Basically, if you don’t want something to be promoted please let me know BEFORE posting into the group, or don’t post it at all. I don’t have the time to chase people down looking for permission so I’m going to assume that when posting to the group I have consent, as long as I use proper tagging of course.

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about these guidelines, as I want to make it fair for everyone. I wish I could accommodate everyone’s opinions, but since we all have a different way or doing things, that is impossible. I think will be the most accommodating solution for the time being.

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Red Carpet Photo shoot Event

5815 Seminary Rd

Group Photo Shoot Meetup

Old Town Alexandria Waterfront

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