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Open Diner is a common virtual space where people like you and I, from all around the globe, can come together for a hosted meal with music, toasts, discussion, and more, while staying safely at home.

Let's be honest! We are social creatures, and we crave connection.
The number one killer is not Corona, but loneliness! And what better time than now to step back from our daily routine and reflect on life and our future together?

That's what this project is about. We feel that by sharing ideas around our virtual table, devoid of judgment or criticism, we can come to a vision of a brighter future. And by sharing joy and connection, we can come out of this pandemic quicker, into a new, better world!

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A Deeper Relationship Tip: Secret to Building Healthy Relationships

During this event we will discuss how to deepen the shared space between us.

It is important to make connection building a habit, with scheduled, regular, deep, real discussions about who we are, what we like and need. This allows our partner to see us, and we respect what our partner tells us, even above any differences or disagreements. The point is to get to know who we are, as well as to build an inner map of our partner, reaching a state of being able to feel each other without words.

We learn what makes each other feel good and also what makes them feel unpleasant. We avoid telling our partner what we dislike about them, as we want to reach a state of acceptance and love of everything about them. Therefore, quality time is essential to building a loving relationship.

During this conversation, we build a list of wishes and requests of what we want from each other, what our expectations and deepest desires are, in order to continue building that inner map of each other. As a result, we treat each other better and at the same time develop our own personal and spiritual development, increasing our sensitivity to what is outside of us. We mutually open our personal bubbles through our desires and passions of each other’s needs, sensing each other's pleasures and fulfillments.

In life, we enjoy shared emotional experiences, within a mutual vessel of perception. Thus we extend our vessels when we enjoy doing things together with others. By increasing our sensitivity toward others, we expand our boundaries.

Open Diner is a shared virtual space where people just like you and I can come together to talk about important subjects in a safe and supportive environment. For the next few weeks we will be discussing and learning more about relationships. Join us every week at 6:30 PM.

Purpose And Growth In Love

Online event

It's time to practice everything we discussed before. Instead of focusing on our differences and fighting for our subjective point of view, we can change direction, using the obstacle in order to build a positive force above it, creating two layers. The bottom layer is the separation. Above it is our resistance to flow with the negative sensation, and as a result, the positive force of love appears “above the crime.” This is how we can build a certain battery, an energy source that gives life to all that is connected to us.

For example, I start talking about something that I sense as a problem, wanting to share it and needing support. Instead of receiving support and empathy, my partner does not agree with me that there is a problem. Instead of the comfort that I was seeking, I am told that I should feel differently, since he or she feels the situation very differently. As a result, I feel disappointment, a void opens up and anger grows. I want to criticize and wrong my partner, but nobody wants to be criticized or blamed. We are moments away from a big fight. What do we do?

Sound familiar? Yet did you know that this very division is an opportunity to grow our love? If used correctly, we can build greater love than if we never experienced this conflict in the first place.

Join us on Thursday to find out more. Please note that all Open Diner events start at 6:30 PM promptly. Join us on Zoom to take part in the discussion.

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Our events are also broadcasted live on Facebook and Youtube.

Avoiding Toxicity In Relationships

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At least 80% of all relationships likely have a toxic element, where one or the other does not receive what he or she wants. There is no balance in the relationship, as partners do not know how to ultimately fulfill each other.

We absorb countless unrealistic examples and expectations from the media and Hollywood, and as a result, we get disappointed. After a while, we simply stop looking for that fulfilling relationship and turn to fulfillment elsewhere. But we have to ask ourselves, is it really possible to receive true fulfillment alone?

The way life is organized we see that fulfillment of almost every need comes from the outside. We need plants and animals for food, partners for procreation, communication, acknowledgment, and acceptance from others. And all of these needs can be met only through some form of connection with someone else.

We depend on others to be happy. Our disillusionment from relationships comes as a result of how we build life, and today we are finally understanding that we cannot get fulfillment from materialistic pleasures alone. Divorce rates are rising, and even in good relationships, it is rare for people to stay together for many decades.

We feel that something is missing because nature is pushing us toward a deeper and more soulful connection, where two people create something together that is above our regular, corporeal life—a higher connection.

Imagine two people connected not only through their bodies, not even through their kids, but to feel a new spiritual life flowing between them, where they feel as one. Kabbalists explain that reaching this state is an essential part of our evolution.

We'll talk about how to reach it in this session of the Open Diner. Join us on Zoom:

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Please note that all Open Diner events start at 6:30 PM EST promptly. Our events are recorded and broadcasted live on Facebook and Youtube.

Singles as well as couples are welcome!

How To Reignite The Spark In A Relationship

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So you’ve been dating each other for a while, or you’ve been married for a few years, but lately, things have been feeling stale. You don’t want to break up, but something has to change, or your love life will go out the door. So how can you make your relationship feel fresh again?

Relationships can lose their spark, that excitement of the hormonal infatuation after two or three years. We try everything possible in order to try and keep that spark alive, and gradually we start to feel increasingly indifferent toward each other, even if everything seems fine, and we seemingly have all we need, but the feeling of excitement is lost.

We can reignite that spark, that initial passion, by rising above our inherently egoistic nature. If we want our relationship to stand the test of time, we have to learn how to love one another above our growing ego. Then, we can open new horizons in our connection, mutually accepting our partner as more important than ourselves. We can constantly grow and deepen our relationship with the help of the ever-growing ego that gives us hurdles to overcome. Above those hurdles, we discover deeper levels of connection and the love renews itself time and time again. This is the key to feeling new energy and passion in relationships.

We'll talk about how to unlock this door in this session of the Open Diner. Join us on Zoom:

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Please note that all Open Diner events start at 6:30 PM EST promptly. Our events are recorded and broadcasted live on Facebook and Youtube.

Singles as well as couples are welcome!

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