"Animal-AI Olympics" Meetup #2 Brush Up Your Ideas! | Hosted by WBAI and Couger


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Building more general AI by reproducing the intelligence of animals

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After the next AI revolution, what kind of future is waiting for us?

Due to the remarkable growth of the "AI development" industry, not only engineers in the field, but a variety of different industries are beginning to take an interest in "Industry update with AI technologies". To pursue future possibilities for AI development, we will be holding a meetup (#2) with "Animal-AI Olympics" (AAO) as the main theme, focusing on recreating animal cognition.

Following the strong kick-off and high positive feedbacks of meetup (#1), this time, we’ll have more exciting contents: including the keynote speech presented by Dr. Matthew Crosby, the AAO organizer and a panel discussions to inspire new ideas.

Moreover, the top 3 AAO teams who attend the event will receive mid-term incentive prizes (with supplementary awards in order)!
In case you are of a teams that already entered AAO, please provide your entry information upon sign-up to this event!

◆ How to apply:
Note that simply clicking on the Join button in Meetup is not an official application. Make sure to fill out the form below.

Application period: until Monday, 30th September.
Participants may be chosen by a lottery. Results will be sent only for people who passed the lottery on October 1st.

◆ Timeplate
19:00 | Opening | Atsushi ishii (Couger Inc. CEO)
19:25 | Keynote speech| Dr. Matthew Crosby (Imperial College London Leverhulme CFI Postdoctoral Researcher, Organising Committee of AAO)
19:45 | Mid-term reporting
20:00 | Award ceremony
20:05 | AAO participation issues | Keita Yanome (Digital Hollywood Graduate School)
20:25 | Points of aiming the WBA award | Hiroshi Yamakawa (Representative of the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative)
20:40 | Panel discussion
Masayoshi Nakamura (Preferred Networks Inc. engineer)
Naoto Yoshida (GROOVE X Research Engineer)
Keita Yanome (Digital Hollywood Graduate School)
Jun Yamada (University College London)
Akira Hashimoto (Tsukuba University)
Moderator: Hiroshi Yamakawa (Representative of the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative)
21:10 | Q & A
21:25 | Time for recruiting additional members
21:30 | Party
22:00 | End

◆ This meetup is for people who
- Want to discuss about AGI implementation
- Want to brush up AAO ideas
- Want to find friends for challenge AAO together

If you have not joined Meetup #1, feel free to join us!
Also there is no problem even if you have not submitted AAO.^^

You can participate by yourself or as a team.
We are waiting for you.

◆ Basic information
Co-organizers: The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative & Couger Inc.
Date: October 4th, Friday, 19:00-22:00
Place: BINARYSTAR,[masked] Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kirarito Ginza,11F
Closest station:
Tokyo Metro: 1 minute walk from Exit 9 of Ginza 1-chome Station, 2 minutes walk from Exit 2 of Kyobashi Station, 5 minutes walk from Exit A13 of Ginza Station.
JR: 5-minute walk from Kyobashi Exit of Yurakucho Station
Fee: Free

Please note that this event is for developers, so we will not allow the participation of recruiters.

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