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Come Celebrate "Big Wind Day" & Breathe in the Ocean at Michael's HarborSide Bar

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Believe it or not, April 12th really is national "Big Wind Day." Certainly a day for honoring wind gods, sailors & spirits of spring. Join fellow big-wind worshippers, & other likeminded fools, for a happy hour mixer on the upper deck of Michael's Harborside Bar, Saturday, April 12, start 4pm.

It's time to pop your head up from cleaning the mold in the hold. Let the day's "Big Wind" blow that winter funk outa' your sailing shorts (or whatever that was, that was lingering there). If you sailed this winter, then dig out your photos -- for the rest of us poor sots to ogle & envy.

It's time to get your sailor swagger back on & come blow the foam off a brew or two. Free your Hawaiian shirt from the back of the closet, your flip-flops or boat shoes from under the bed. We'll breathe deep the salt air & stare out upon dear mother-mother ocean.

And it's time to meet some new sailing buddies. Plan to pass yourself around. No standing in the corner. Gotta come out swinging & telling tall tales. Yes, lies if you have to, no one will care. On "Big Wind Day" it's OK to be full of hot air. Wear the hat with the lanyard & we'll see you there!


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