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San Francisco, CA

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Apr 7, 2017

What are you interested in learning about our Smart City/IoT/Smart Data/Human-Computer Interaction Meetups?

As a system architect at Wells Fargo I want to learn about new infrastructures, platforms, and communication companies that are in the Smart City space.

What expertise can you contribute to the group and/or viewpoint you think should be included in Smart City projects?

I can share my story where I have been able to communicate with others using my thinking and not my voice. I can bring a LGBTQ safety POV as it applies to these new infrastructures that connect us on Zigbee, LoRA, 5G NR networks. As a system architect at Wells Fargo I can bring some of the cybersecurity concerns being faced in FinTech.

Would you be interested in speaking any of our broad range of future techonology topics? If so, which topic(s)?

I may be interested at a later date - right now I am eager to meet with others in Architecture in San Francisco who are futurists.

Do you have a story of your vision of the future you'd like to share with us, if so, what's it about?

I have a story - about reverse engineering, coping, managing, surviving - being what some have labeled me as a TI. I have recently had a network implemented in my home, cars, devices that have included AI, cognitive services, and people who have kept me connected around the world. I am able to hear the new 5G NR technologies when others can't - so I have had to reverse engineer this and hope to meet others who I can share my story with and meet other experts in the field here in San Francisco.