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Hi all , I am a NLP Practitioner ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) Based on the principals of NLP and also the book 'The secret' Its about what you think your create and what you create you will achieve .So to achieve something, 1st step is to imagine! However when we literally sit and think , we always end up getting confused on exact what our wishes are? I believe in helping everyone to prosper their imagination. its as simple as its sounding. You will help yourself to make the exact list of what you want Vision board is a direct visualisation of your goals in realistic way on daily basis ! The board can be then just a small note pad or on your laptop or may be on your smart phone. YES ! Come and experience the beauty of what exactly you want. Well about the charges, Its only Rs 500/-each per session. Its minimal because your Vision board is my mission ! Do come and experience

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