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Parent Engagement Workshop

Online event

We can't wait to see you!

It's that time of the year again for you to join us - October 23rd at 11 am for Parent Engagement Workshop 2021, this year we've added one more thing: parent chat sessions.

We have 2 speakers and 3 breakout parent chat sessions (1 parent chat session per attendee).

Choose the breakout session (1 parent chat session per attendee) of your choice to pre-register.

1. Developmental Disabilities. OR
2. The Parent: as their Child's first advocate. OR
3. Why is Tutoring Important?

Event runs from 11am - 1:45pm

If you are a Parent of Immigrant origin, come register for this free event.
Why Parent Engagement? Hi - I am gloria a Nigerian American Parent raising boys, you can check out my blog www.shelovesgoodthings.com.
I think you'll enjoy this event, a few of us have been working on the event for a few months now, coming together because we realized that we have to share what we've learnt with other parents of immigrant origin as we see our own kids get older and phase-out of the school system.
What's the event about? The goal of the Parent Engagement Event is to connect educators, parents, teachers, community organizations, and caregivers to information that engages parents and children in the United States. This is our 2nd event.

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