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(next event is next year)

How many cities of Thailand you have visited? We will go visit all 77 cities of Thailand! By trains, buses, minivans, airplanes or hitchhike! This group aims to build a community to gather like minded people interested in traveling for local genuine experiences, Thailand landscapes and natural resources. Activities are outdoor sightseeings,beaches, camping, learning local life, hiking, exploring; mountains, waterfalls, national parks, wildlife sanctuary or remote areas of Thailand. I & my friends will be your local trip designer & leader team for all coming trips, dedicated with our intellectual local tourism knowledge, passion in traveling and love to our home country! We will not stop until we conquer all 77 cities!

***To encourage social community, we will accept members with clear personal profile picture and be honest to membership approval questions only***

Important Note (Please read before you join our trips)

We are not travel agency nor destination travel management company that can deal for B2B (business to business) rates from any suppliers. We neither organize duplicated trips to same destination which doesn’t help to establish business relationship with any suppliers that will lead to cheaper deals in all cases. We are not trying to compete with any travel agency nor seeking to deliver same offer with cheaper price. We are not offering single traveling price neither. If pricing is a priority concern, it is sincerely and strongly advised to book for any similar/particular activities with travel agency.

We promise to continue to provide activity with our initial philosophy and strategy; to get like minded people travel together to enjoy various fun & challenging activities i.e. climbing, hiking, rafting, diving, for fresh air in the wood/ozone at mountain top away from Bangkok pollution, to do some exercises; mental & physical, to learn & gain new experiences; deeper of Thai food, local cultures, local people and to make new friends; Thai & International, who share similar interest while they are living/traveling in Thailand!



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