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This group is for locals who want to enjoy a continuous stream of the freshest healthiest produce available, whether you have a large container, a small yard, or a large yard, the principles of food forestry will enhance your harvests.

You will learn that food forests are backyard gardens designed to imitate natural forests, in that they grow exponentially and produce more and better harvests over time, and require less input from humans over time.

Food forests produce expansive, abundant home gardens that naturally require less water, fertilizer, and pest control than traditional gardens, but produce nutrient-dense food.

We know of the importance to our bodies and minds of a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, and roots, and the food forest garden applies the wisdom of growing in harmony with Mother Earth rather than fighting against nature to produce an endless supply of food that feeds both our physical and spiritual aspects.

Food forests can grow everywhere, from deserts to mountain-tops, but this tour is uniquely suited to Southern California Local food forest growers because you can grow the same plants we are growing and use the same techniques we developed to deal with our specific weather and soil conditions.

The Vista Irrigation District reports that our house uses an average of 14 units of water per billing period, but the average household uses 24 units. That's 42% less water use than average, and our yard is a half-acre.

A few weeks I published a book, Our Path to Infinite Abundance: Introduction to Food Forests, which is based on my seven years of growing a food forest in Vista. Visit my blog and facebook page @Aloha Food Forest. I'm working on Book 2 now, which is an 8-step guide to creating food forests in spaces big or small.

I am passionate about helping people worldwide grow infinitely abundant backyard food forest gardens because I think they are throw-backs to Gardens of Eden!

It gives me great joy and great hope to be sharing what I’ve learned about food forests to inspire people around the world to heal their land, but another part of working towards cultivating a healthier world is a more connected, nourished community.

So I'm reaching out to connect with real people in our community to inspire and equip you to grow a food forest in your backyard so that you can grow an endless stream of healthy fresh food, or if you just want to hang out and forest bathe for a couple of hours, decompress, and breathe in the beauty of being in a food forest.

This is our home garden, but we call it the Aloha Food Forest, because we respect all life and consider our place in the forest community as nurturers and caretakers, but the plant and animal biota do the heavy lifting of growing the food.

I am excited to begin offering tours of the food forest, which I think will be fun for people of all ages in our community. People who enjoy being near trees, and we happen to have an over 100-year-old oak tree, under which we can sit for our opening presentation of hearing stories of how this came to be a food forest, and how it grows. Plus there's the tasting of fresh fruit, nuts, and herbs, the smelling of fragrant flowers, and viewing some cute baby chickens in a coop.

Tour participants will receive a pdf summary about food forests and how to get one started in your yard, along with an interactive dialogue about the 8 steps to creating a food forest, for those who are interested in growing food in their own backyards.

Jesus said, “Feed My Sheep,” so I figure that's an outstanding job to do! I believe that food forest gardens are the key to feeding everyone around the world because they can grow everywhere. What if everyone had access to the infinite abundance of fresh food that food forests grow? I think we would become a healthier and more peaceful planet.

I plan to offer classes on creating body care products like shampoo, hair coloring, toothpaste, and deodorant, and offer in-depth opportunities to learn more about creating these fantastic gardens.

Please leave me a comment below to share your thoughts!


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