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While Visual Arts brings to surface your inhibitions, the tools of Access Consciousness will make choosing beyond the inhibitions easy and fun!

What have you defined as creativity?
Are you only creative if you're an artist?
What does being creative mean to you? (This is when you put on your imagination hat).
What if you could bring back the joy you felt as a child when you sketched (come on we all know it was scribbling but it was so much fun).. so when you sketched a house (which was actually a hut) with a backdrop of 3-5 mountains stiched together, with a beautiful view of sun rise (one could never figure out whether the sun rose or set even yet beautiful), with a river originating from the mountain falling into a waterfall and flowing gracefully right next to what we thought was a never ending range of trees and bushes. Well it may sound abit silly now but do you remember how happy you simply were while sketching this? Totally fluttering with excitement!
What if creativity was just that! What if creating art is about the fun process of simply doing it and expressing and not the outcome? And what if you did allow yourself to have these moments of simple joy in your life.. what would that change for you?

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Earthlings Engagement Program


What if you could turn your hobbies and interests into tools for conscious facilitation and create a change in the world?? The Earthlings Engagement Program is a 2 day program to get a glimpse into the world of Earthlings where we use painting, drumming, photography, pottery and a lot more for creating happiness and change !! Way forward : 90 days paid internship Facilitator in training As an Earthlings crew member Date : 27th, 28th April 2019 Early bird cost (valid till 31st April) : INR 8,000/- Regular cost : INR 10,000/- Interested ? Fill this form and we'll get in touch with you!😊 https://goo.gl/forms/29ZAVMGnXsbtUOrF3

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Peer Group Theatre with Access Consciousness

The Happiness Inc

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