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Hey, all! For all of you who have an interest in singing on stage in front of an audience, with a tight live band backing you up, we're pleased to introduce: Live Band Karaoke with The Human Karaoke Experience - America's #1 Live Karaoke Band! Select a song from America's largest Live Band Karaoke song list (674 and counting!):


For all of you who have done conventional karaoke, this is a great change of pace! Whether you're a seasoned rock or pop singer who just wants to have some fun in front of a cool, laid-back crowd, or you've never sang live with a band and would like to try it in a safe and nurturing setting, this event is for you. And if you don't know if you'll have the courage to get up and sing, and you think you may just want to watch, come anyway! It's a VERY fun night, either way.
The band goes on at 9pm. The list fills up fast, and like typical karaoke, the order of who gets to sing is first come-first serve.
Oh, btw: admission is FREE. Can't beat that! Just buy some drinks/food.

The band is tight, tons of fun to play with, & they provide the lyrics, backing vocals and songs! So come out and, try out the ultimate way to express your inner-Rockstar!


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