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Voice / Singing Class -- Sat afternoon time.

This Meetup is past

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Members requested a weekend time so here we go:

This class will have fewer people and those who have learned the ropes will be able to jump right in with a lesson. The newcomers will get more of an evaluation. Class size is limited. Fee is $15/per.

Room assignment will be printed on the electronic billboard opposite the elevators.

People at the front desk are helpful and friendly and the Cafe on the floor has great latte and cookies, sandwiches, pizza, etc.

I've been asked to post this:

Dear Members: This is the first you have heard from me. I am Mr. Harrington's agent/rep. Mr. Harrington teaches privately coaching established actors and singers. For years his private rate has been $120/hr for this service. He started teaching through Meetup earlier this year and has as his goal to bring professional level instruction to the public at a rate that leaves no one behind. This demands tight scheduling of both his time and the room rental with Ripley-Grier Studios.For these reasons, and for as long as he insists on continuing to teach pro bono, I will be insisting to him that "no shows" be dropped from the group. The policy is this: If you RSVP you better show up. If you cancel you better do this by 4:00 pm the previous day.A word to the wise...Michael T. Harvey