What we're about

This is a drop-in volleyball game for beginner/intermediate level players.

Rec Center entrance fee is ($6).

Keep it light, casual, and fun.
No spikes or power serves.

Thursday volleyball at Northwest Rec Center is for casual good fun and laughter.
Many of us are inexperienced and haven't played for years, or sometimes ever.
We just want to have some fun, get some exercise, and be able to hit the ball back without getting injured.

We keep score, but with fairly relaxed rules and teams are remixed after each game or at least every other game.

Please show up if you sign up. Other people are depending on you.
Some of us drive from far away and we have found we need a minimum of (8) people for a satisfactory game.

If not enough are signed up by 4 PM on Thursday, the game will be cancelled to give people time to make other plans for the evening, so don't wait until Thursday afternoon to decide if you are going *and* be sure to check the Meetup app before you leave home. It will be clearly labeled as cancelled if it is.


Advanced players are welcome to arrange games through this Meetup too, but currently none are.

Contact the organizers if you want to lead and arrange any volleyball meetups.

There is usually an advanced level game on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings at this Rec Center, but they are not associated with this group. Their Facebook Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/16489291726... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/164892917265920/) Northwest Rec Volleyball.

Contact Northwest Rec Center (385) 468-1305 for more info.



This is a drop-in volleyball game for all levels. The only requirements are: come to play the game, be a good sport, and don't hurt anyone (mentally or physically, including yourself). Please keep it light and casual. Many of us are inexperienced and we just want to have some fun activity.

We need at least 8 people signed up so we can play 4 on 4 or more. If there are not 8 signed up in any given week, Ray and Mary will not be at the Rec Center. We will post in the Meetup on Thursday afternoon if there are not enough coming. Please sign up only if you are actually going to show up.

All you need to bring is your entrance fee to the Rec Center ($6), appropriate playing gear and your desire to play. Let's have some fun and good exercise together. We will keep score, but the rules of the game will be relaxed (as long as the ball is in the air, it can stay in play), and we hope not to worry too much about that stuff. We will remix the teams after each win of 25 points so everyone will have a chance to play together.

Day rate is $6 for adults at the Rec center. Discounts for families, seniors and youth are available. See the full fee schedule here: http://slco.org/northwest/fees/. (http://slco.org/northwest/fees/)

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