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Organizing events and social leagues for Washington, DC! With locations throughout DC and special events every couple weeks there is no better way to relive your fond memories of these classic sports while meeting new people and having a good time!

All of our events here on Meetup are open to the general public though we do have some "player" only events that you can find on our website volocitydc.com

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Cruise For The Kids Yacht Fundraiser With Open Bar

Needs a location

Details Join #VoloDC and The Boomerang Party Yacht & Pirate Ship Company Friday, May 31st out on the open water! $55 for a two-hour, top shelf, open bar, DJ, and fundraiser donated directly towards Volo City Kids Foundation! Limited spots available, sign you and your friends up today! For Tickets https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/ridetheboomerang/items/25844/availability/234359412/book/?fbclid=IwAR0YKpFuut7Q5dxn_a8bzS9U0dSa6ZhLZtMm3I4mUPXYOLGNVci_W-KLUYk&full-items=yes

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