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The Volusia County Campaign for Liberty Meetup Group's purpose is to effectively influence and educate our immediate community about the benefits of returning to a limited government that abides by the Constitution and defends the principles of individual liberty. We also advocate a government that employs a sound monetary policy within true free markets, and abides by a non-interventionist foreign policy. I decided to start this group because I have fully come to the conclusion that a Republic is only as strong as those who participate, but unfortunately those who are presently participating and in the majority (whether they be Democrat or Republican) do not share the sound political philosophy of Liberty that our Founding Fathers exhibited and more importantly acted on. We, the inheritors of this great Country our forefathers created, have become too apathetic to what is going on and it is time to rise up and once again be good stewards of the Freedom and Liberty that has been handed down to us! If you've ever thought about getting involved and meeting some other like-minded Lovers of Liberty, now is the time.

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Services for a great man of peace, Dr. Bob Bowman in Melbourne -

Services for a great man of peace, Dr. Bob Bowman in Melbourne - Wake/Viewing/Testimonials - Friday Aug 30th, 5pm - 7pm Church Memorial Service, Testimonials - Saturday Aug 31st, 1pm - 4pm, followed by reception Greetings: It is with sadness that this letter is sent to announce the passing of a great Patriot and a great friend to so many of us in the struggle for peace and justice in our world. Our friend and comrade Dr. Bob Bowman passed away at his Melbourne, FL home on Wednesday night August 22nd at the age of 78 after a long, courageous 8 year battle with cancer. Dr. Bob, as he was so lovingly known to so many, leaves behind his wife of 57 years Maggie Bowman, their 7 children and 21 grandchildren. Colonel Bowman, the National Commander of the non-partisan veterans organization The Patriots ... see http://www.thepatriots.us/ ... whose motto is "Follow the Constitution. Honor the Truth. Serve the People.", was well known nationally and internationally as the Pentagon insider who courageously blew the whistle in the early 1980's on the U.S. government's plans to use as an offensive "first-strike" weapon the "Star Wars" missile defense system which he had directed during much of the 1970's. Dr. Bowman's efforts led to his self-published book on the matter in 1985 entitled "Star Wars: Defense or Death Star?". Prior to directing the "Star Wars" programs while they were top secret and classified programs during the Ford and Carter administrations, Colonel Bowman served as a USAF pilot with service in Korea and Vietnam, having flown 101 combat missions as a fighter pilot in Vietnam. It was Colonel Bowman's war experience in Vietnam that led him to work for peace as a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and later as a celebrated member of Veterans For Peace, serving as its keynote speaker at 4 separate Veterans For Peace National Conventions. As has been the case with so many of our Vietnam Veterans, the cancers that eventually took Colonel Bowman's life can be traced to his exposure to the toxins of the Agent Orange he was exposed to during his war service in Vietnam. The Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace (VFP Chapter 136), Bob Bowman's home chapter, is asking all its members as well as members of Veterans For Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against the War throughout Florida and surrounding areas to do all they can to pass along this notice to our brothers and sisters so that we can turn out as many in our ranks as possible next Friday and Saturday, August 30th and 31st for the services in Melbourne, FL. VFP's Chapter 136 will be able to provide a limited number of VFP "Helmut & Dove" lapel pins to VFP members attending the services. Please contact Phil Restino at (386)[masked] or by cell at (386)[masked] for more information. Kathy Bracewell of the East Central Florida chapter of CODEPINK Women for Peace will be putting together a scrapbook display of photos and written testimonials that we receive from Dr. Bob's friends and colleagues. However the time is short, so if there is anything that any of you would like to contribute as remembrances then please email it to [masked] as soon as possible. Andy Steele, host of the weekly radio program "9/11 Free Fall" on http://www.911freefall.com/ will be doing recorded telephone interviews today (Sunday 8/25) and tomorrow (Monday 8/26) only to be used on his special broadcast of "9/11 Free Fall" this Thursday 8/29 paying tribute to our recently departed friend and comrade Dr. Bob Bo wman. Please contact Andy Steele directly by telephone at (315)[masked] and/or by email at [masked] if you would like to participate or know of someone else who might. Note that Andy Steele is presently out on the West Coast and thus on Pacific Time. Again, Andy will be doing these telephone interviews Sunday and Monday only ... so your prompt action is appreciated. Please look below for specific details regarding where to send sympathy cards, flowers, gift baskets, etc. as well as dates/times/locations of the services. Thank you. The on-line obituary for Dr. Bob Bowman in Florida Today should be found via the following link: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/floridatoday/ (1) Sympathy Cards, Flowers, Gift Baskets Maggie Bowman and/or Bowman Family 1494 Patriot Drive Melbourne, FL 32940 Tel: (321)[masked] Please note that flowers sent to Beach Funeral Home and/or Holy Trinity Episcopal Church will be brought to people sick and/or recovering in local hospitals, rest homes, etc. following the completion of Dr. Bob's own services. (2) Wake/Viewing/Testimonials - Friday Aug 30th, 5pm - 7pm Beach Funeral Home 4999 N. Wickham Road Melbourne, FL 32940 Tel: (321)[masked] Fax: (321)[masked] Website: www.beachfuneralhome.com Map/Directions: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=4999+N.+Wickham+Rd.+Melbourne+FL+32940 (3) Church Memorial Service, Testimonials - Saturday Aug 31st, 1pm - 4pm, followed by reception Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Pastor Steve Easterday 50 West Strawbridge Avenue Melbourne, FL 32901 Tel: (321)[masked] Fax: (321)[masked] Website: www.holytrinitymelbourne.org Map/Directions: http://www.holytrinitymelbourne.org/map.aspx Please note that Dr. Bob Bowman will be receiving a full military burial at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC at a later date. (4) Donations to The Patriots Tax-deductible contributions to The Patriots can be made via the website's PayPal button at: http://www.thepatriots.us/pg_04_contribute.php Or by mailing a check or money order payable to "The Patriots" to: The Patriots, 1494 Patriot Drive, Melbourne , FL 32940

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