What we're about

French learners of all levels, join us! Online, wherever you are.

This group is run by Freestyle Languages, a global language learning community committed to connecting people through language! Our language learning approach relies on second language acquisition research. So what does the science tell us about language learning?

• Language learning needs to be FUN. The brain shuts down when we're stressed (c'est vrai!)

• The content needs to be relevant - you should be learning about high frequency, everyday topics that are meaningful to you

• Incorporate 'authentic materials' (hello, culture!) - movies, TV shows, songs made by native French speakers for other native French speakers - to learn the language as it's truly spoken

• Practice SPEAKING! Conversation practice is KEY to making a new language stick.

• Focus on pronunciation - adult learners, this is for you! Tackling the 'aural roadblock' ensures easier both memorization & application of new words and phrases. Bonus points: you'll sound more like a native speaker!

Our favorite #funfact - it's not important to be 100% correct when it comes to language learning. It's about progress, not perfection. If you can successfully send and receive 'messages', you're communicating! And that's what (in our humbly opinion) language is all about.

Disclaimer: while we offer a full flipped learning model online (see freestylelanguages.com), this MeetUp group is simply for conversation practice.

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