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This Meetup Group is for professional holistic health and wellness practitioners who are licensed and/or certified in one or more disciplines related to body, mind and spiritual health and are wanting to collaborate with other practitioners as they serve patients and clients. In particular, I welcome practitioners who are able to provide support and services to patients/clients in a group and/or one-one-one video conference setting (as I am building an online holistic health community), but practitioners who provide "high touch" (i.e., massage therapy) are welcome to join as well.

I started this group to align with other licensed/certified practitioners in building my online community, but the group is also intended to serve as a forum for all members to network and collaborate with each other in ways that are most appropriate for their practice.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we greatly respect other business models, in the interest of maintaining the integrity of our purpose, certifications from direct sales/multi-level organizations DO NOT qualify for membership in this group! Many of these organizations offer excellent products and services, but we feel the inclusion of this business approach could be a potential distraction from our fundamental intentions! Thank you for your understanding. If you have ANY questions about this policy, please feel free to message me directly!!!

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