Vue.js + D3: Creating Beautiful Visualizations

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1000 Wilson Boulevard, 8th Floor · Arlington, VA

How to find us

The 1100 and 1000 Wilson Blvd buildings are connected. Take the escalators & walk past several shops including a floral shop and a gym until you reach the elevators. Use the back right elevators and hit the "8th floor only" button.

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It's in our nature to group and organize information. We do this to make sense of things, by giving an order of importance to what we process from the world.

As it turns out, our minds do this with our visual sense as well!

In this workshop, we will be learning how to apply hierarchical layouts using D3 and Vue in order to combine reactivity with D3's powerful toolset. And if you're new to Vue.js, no worries, Jon will give a quick intro at the beginning so you won't be lost!

It is highly recommended to bring a laptop since this is a workshop format and you will have the chance to get hands on experience!

Please note that this repo will be updated again before Wednesday, so make sure you are up to date if you checkout beforehand!


Jon Snyder. Front end designer and developer for 20-ish years, UX Lead at ONE Discovery. I love getting people excited to code!



6:00PM - 6:30PM: Setup and Food
6:30PM - 8:45PM: Workshop with Vue.js + D3
8:45PM - 9:00PM: Q&A & Wrap-Up


Metro: We are located a block away from the Rosslyn metro. When you arrive at the main entrance of the 1100 Wilson Blvd (the 1100 and 1000 buildings are connected), take the escalators to the next level and continue walking (you will pass several shops including a gym and a floral shop) until you reach the elevators. Use the back right elevators to head up to the 8th floor by clicking the "8th floor only" button.

Parking: If you plan to drive, there is parking available in the garage below our building. Pull into either parking entrance and chose any space that is not designated reserved. Take the elevator to the M level then make an immediate left out of the elevators and head left to the back set of elevators. Head up to 8th floor by clicking the "8th floor only” button.

There are also other garages around the building as well. And if you park in one of those, follow the directions in the Metro section above to find our offices.


1. Will there be food and drink?

Yes. There will be pizza and drinks.

2. What level of experience do I need to come?

Some Vue experience would be helpful, but even if you are new to Vue, come anyways and people will be glad to help!

3. Do I need to bring my laptop?

It is not technically "required," but the workshop might be a lot more fun to follow along with if you are building something rather than just watching. However, no worries if you want to just watch!

4. I'm having trouble getting up to the office. Help!

The elevators lock down after 7:00pm. So text or call[masked] to get access to the office if you are having issues getting to the space.

• Other Questions

Reach out to us on [masked] if you have any other questions, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help with whatever we can!