Q&A Skype call with Evan You & Nuxt.js Skype call with Pooya Parsa

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Time has come for our third event!

Two main talks are currently planned for this session.

The first half will take the form of a live Q&A Skype call with the one who started it all - Evan You. Come prepared with your questions and we will aim to give everyone a chance to have theirs answered.

For the second half, Pooya Parsa, VueJS Community Partner & Nuxt.js co-author, will be joining on Skype and walk us through Nuxt.js, a popular application framework built on top of Vue, Node, Babel and Webpack. He will also highlight what's coming in Nuxt.js 2 which is soon to be released. This is a great project and a chance for all of us to learn more about SSR.


6:30 - Arrive at our venue

6:30-6:50 - Pizza, beer, chat

6:50-7:00 - Recap

7:00-7:20 - Skype call with Evan You

7:20-7:30 - Quick break

7:30-7:50 - Nuxt.js Skype call with Pooya Parsa

7:50-8:00 - Wrap up, what's next?

Don't forget, we are always on the lookout for speakers. Did you work on something exciting lately? Or maybe you think you can fill a gap on something we have not covered just yet. If that's so, then step in and do a 5-15min talk. It will be greatly appreciated by your colleagues in the community!