Workshop - Dive into Nuxt.js


It's our last event of the year and due to the popularity and success of our previous one, we decided to run another workshop. We will be getting a simple application up and running, this time with Nuxt. The focus however, will be on building some dynamic routes, add Vuex into the play, make sure our app is SEO friendly and ultimately, deploy it to Heroku.

On this occasion only, we are hosting the event at The Federation (right behind The Printworks). NEO is unfortunately fully booked for the rest of the year.

Let's all meet one last time and crack on some challenges before we get back to the old format early in 2019 where we will be bringing contributors and local community members to learn from.


6:30 - Arrive at our venue

6:30-6:45 - Pizza, beer, chat

6:45-6:50 - Intro

6:50-7:20 - Code time

7:20-7:25 - Quick break

7:25-7:55 - Back at coding

7:55-8:00 - Wrap up, what's next?

Don't forget, we are always on the lookout for speakers. Did you work on something exciting lately? Or maybe you think you can fill a gap on something we have not covered just yet. If that's so, then step in and do a 5-15min talk. It will be greatly appreciated by your colleagues in the community!