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LA Vue.js - Monthly Meetup (joint meetup with Testable LA Meetup)

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This month we are joining forces with Testable LA. Hope to see you there!

From jQuery UI Tabs to VueJS Component Tabs by Rit Li

jQuery gets the jobs done. But there's more to frontend dev than just getting things done; the code needs to be maintainable, scalable, and, often-overlooked, testable. This talk will not only expose the drawbacks of using antiquated jQuery solutions but will also provide the modern VueJS solutions. Mainly, the talk will compare and contrast the implementation of "tabs" in both jQuery UI Tabs and a custom VueJS component.

Testing Pyramid Feedback Loops in Agile by John Mitchell

There are lots of ways a project can add quality -- documentation,
usability, integration tests, faster dev cycles, many ways. Lots of
tradeoffs, too: how many UI vs integration vs unit tests? What should human QA workers focus on, vs what should be in automated workflows? Fortunately there's a simple technique to remember and use all these techniques when appropriate: the Platonic Solids of Quality.

In this talk John will give a broad summary of dozens of techniques and
tradeoffs to consider when developing a quality product. At the end we'll
have a firm grasp of what to focus on now and into the future to deliver
delight to our customers!


Food and Drinks will be provided by Carbon Five.

Also, welcome to Rit Li who has joined as a host of the meetup!