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Monthly meeting to talk about the group, our goals, and just get together and get to know each other! We will have a featured speaker to present her business or skill each month and this Happens the 1st Thursday of every month. Location will change from month to month - suggest your favorite place so we can move it around so it is convenient for everyone to come out.

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"How wonderful it is

that nobody need wait a single moment

before starting to improve the world."

- Anne Frank

Our group was founded in June 2011 with the intention of providing a way for women to network and share their talents with each other. I've left the original description at the bottom as I want to honor the woman whose idea it was to start the group. Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to meet or know her, but I hope if she's still in the area and poking around she'll come back and join again.

When I received word in January 2012 that the group was going to close because that original organizer had stepped down, it seemed like kismet. I have a project that I've been wanting to start, but I need the help of a community of women to do it. Voila! I feel like I was offered a community!

This group is about more than my project though, and I need your help, ideas and passion to make it a success. What else can we do? The group can be about small things, as our founder writes in her description - one woman helping another woman by sharing her expertise. If that is what you are looking for, please visit the Sharing Our Skills forum (yep, SOS!) where you can offer or ask for one on one help.

I've also created a specific forum where you can post your ideas for events or projects we can do as a group. If you think big - like me - share your ideas here and we'll see if we can help you make it happen!

Also added is an Entrepreneurs Corner forum. If you are a woman making her way in her own business venture, feel free to let us know here. I do request that you limit any business-related communication to this forum, however, as our primary goal is helping each other and the community without monetary compensation.

The general discussion forum is for everything else - if it doesn't fit anywhere else, use the general forum.

What are you waiting for? Jump in!

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: I am very thankful for all the amazing women who have helped shape my life, who have challenged me, and inspired me, and made me who I am. There are so many amazing women out there and sometimes we all need a little help, so why not help each other. We all have talents, what are yours??? Are you an extreme couponing queen?? Did you add a room onto your house? Tile your bathroom? Start your own business? Create a non-profit? Teach someone to read? Paint a mural? Plant a garden to rival Eden? Just imagine if we all decided to band together, all of us amazing, intelligent, independent, incredible women!!! We'd be unstoppable!!!!

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