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W2E is a community of startups and entrepreneurs aimed at providing incubation and support.

This is a group to facilitate the transformation of wannapreneurs to entrepreneurs and catalyze the evolution of existing entrepreneurs. The idea is to foster innovation and creativity by creating a culture like Silicon Valley, where people could come together to share, generate, exchange and validate their ideas; meet founders, co-founders, mentors and exchange resources. We have built a community having lots of events and activities in the areas like opportunity analysis, opportunity execution etc. to help people create their startups and businesses.

The basic philosophy and vision of this group is not just collective thinking, networking or social interaction; it goes beyond that and is even more focused on something which we call collective actions. There are regular and frequent workshops for brainstorming ideas, market research, prototyping etc. to help entrepreneurs build and evolve their startups.

We welcome people from all the spheres of society and industry: students, working professionals, entrepreneurs and people from different industries. Whoever feels a need for a community to encourage creativity and innovation and provide an ecosystem to experiment with and explore different ideas, must join this group.

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