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The very definition of WANDERLUST: a German word for the irresistibly strong desire to travel or wander.

Maybe this illicits a similar response in you as it does me;)

Are you restless, a curiosity seeker, maybe you have an artistic bent, crave adventure, off-the-beaten path, eclectic and varied cultural experiences? Would you like to travel somewhere you've never been and meet people who share a similar passion...and do it all while being responsible and eco friendly? Do you like to be a participant instead of a spectator? Are you interested in Art workshops? Herbal workshops? Cooking classes? Getting out and hiking/biking/walking in nature to take it all in?

I started this group because I'm interested in connecting and traveling with others of like-mind, varying ages, backgrounds and experiences. People who want to see the world and care about the environment. People who don't want to exploit the native populations and agree they should be paid fair wages for their services.

There will be many opportunities to explore locally, but we will be organizing at least one big international trip a year and one domestic trip as I think it's just as important to explore our own country as it is to tour others.

I also welcome suggestions, ideas, and the natural evolution of co-leaders to help take the reins moving forward.

Happy travels!

Please be respectful of other members. Unkindness & negativity serves no one and will not be tolerated. All are welcome here, POC, LGBTQI, this is a safe place for all to travel and share and explore the wonders this world has to offer.

**Participation in all activities is at your own risk and absolutely no liability is assumed by the group or any of the organizers.**

Upcoming events (5+)

Mexico City and More

Fish Gaucho

I have absolutely fallen in love with Mexico. With all of the recent attention and awards given to the movie Roma, which takes place in Mexico City, they are experiencing a surge in tourism and for good reason. I visited Mexico City this last October for Dia De Los Muertos and I have to say, it left a mark on me and I will definitely be going back. Let's dine at the Fish Gaucho and I'll share my experience with you over some homemade chips and Guacamole. Travel to Mexico is easy and affordable and SAFE! Like everywhere else, you just want to use common sense. I am going back this October to experience Day of the Dead in Oaxaca this time, wanna go?

11th Annual Central Coast Lavender Festival

General Store Paso Robles

If you love the fresh clean scent of Lavender then this is the event for you! Come and spend the day rolling through fields of Lavender..........well, almost. The Paso Park will be full of vendors selling all kinds of things showcasing this lovely classic, and yes there will also be fresh lavender. I am traveling all the way to Italy this summer to see fields of lavender and distill fresh oil, but you can get your fix right here without having to leave home :) Let's meet in front of the General Store and wander lust our way around the park intoxicated by all of the lavender wafting in the air. When we've had our fill we can grab lunch at one of the many options nearby.

Taste of SLO Walking Tour

Needs a location

Okay, for July something a little different. We are going to be "local" tourists. I am always talking about how much time and energy I put into traveling other places, but I don't get out often enough to see all the amazingness that is right around me. In this case we will be "tasting" some of the wonder that SLO has to offer while walking and learning some of the interesting history of San Luis Obispo. This is a pre-paid event and you must purchase a ticket. The cost is $75 or $85 with alcohol. You can go here to buy a ticket and the maximum is 12 people. https://tasteofslowalkingfoodtour.com/fun-pics/ Please RSVP AFTER you have purchased your ticket and yes, you may bring a guest, but everyone needs to buy a ticket. We will be supporting a local business and eating our way through town at the same time, win-win? I think so. This tour lasts about 3 hours, so we should be done around 4ish and if there's a good movie playing, we can catch a movie afterwards or just keep wandering and eating and drinking. What could go wrong?

Odyssey World Cafe

Odyssey World Cafe

This month we're back in North County. The Odyssey World Cafe is where dream destinations come true! They consistently have great food for reasonable prices. It's also a great place to discuss where you're going next and get that trip booked! Let's come together over some delicious food and talk everything travel, best travel sites, travel insurance and how to find those low cost plane tickets on the fly.

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Mother's Day Cupcake and Wine Pairing

Donati Family Vineyard

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