BBQ in December

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We'll end the year with the most famous culinary delicacy in Paso Robles and in fact in many places in the, it's not wine. Let's get together for some BBQ in December. There will be plenty of other fancy Holiday feasts with family and friends, cocktail parties and white elephant shenanigans. Allow me to show you one of the best kept secrets of the locals in Paso, Jeffry's Wine Country BBQ. It's hidden, tucked back in an alley and very easy for most tourists to miss, but oh my, the food!! So good!!

Since I mentioned shenanigans and white elephants, this will be our own little Holiday celebration, so bring a "white elephant gift" valued at $25 or less and we'll have a bit of fun. This is on Saturday for those who may want to come and spend the day shopping in town. We'll have dinner early so we can partake in "Happy Hour" and then if there's a good movie playing we can hop into the theatre for the full date night "dinner and a movie" thing. This will also be a great time to chat about where we're going in 2020, set intentions and firm up those travel plans, hope to see you all there!