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A food, travel, sport and social club for all ages. This group enables people to try new things without having to do them alone. Strength in numbers means friends, group discounts, group bookings, new ideas, etc. Need players to start a team, or a group of people in order to try something new? Find them here. If you have something you wannado, join and make a suggestion. If enough people 'like' it, we'll try to organize an event.

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Widows and Widowers Support Group

Birmingham's Vodka and Ale House

This is a group specific to those that are trying to navigate their lives after the devastating loss of their spouse. We all know how it feels to lose our other half, the person who knew and loved us the most. We know how scary and devastating it is to lose the future you had planned. This is a safe and supportive group for people to come together to share emotions, stories and support. Feel free to come listen, come share, or come just to get out of the house and meet people who understand. This group is specific to certain people only; but, all inclusive to anyone who has lost a spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, ex spouse. The people of this group range in age and from those with recent losses to those who have been living with this grief for many years. Some members have brought resources to share with our group so please feel free to continue to bring things you may find helpful to pass along. As always, you are invited to bring a favorite picture or item to share with the group. Please feel free to bring any others you may know that are also going through this journey. See you there. Pam[masked] Link to grief ball... http://chaplains.simmonsfoods.com/good-grief-2/2017/2/9/how-do-i-deal-with-my-own-personal-griefloss?format=amp

Wannado Chat n Chew! Montana's North


They’ve turned 25 and that means taking it way back! How? $4* drinks! All day, every day! For a limited time all 1oz house liquor mixed drinks and 14oz Molson Canadian or Coors Light are all $4*. Come celebrate 25 years and the big game with these deals! There's no better way to end the work week than getting together with friends for a bite to eat and a drink. Join us! We always have a wonderful time.

Brunch Club

La Bodega

Every two weeks we'll go for a brunch on a Sunday. Every opposing weekend we'll do the breakfast club off of a menu on a Saturday morning.

wannado 2019 superbowl sunday

WestSide Pizza on Grant Family Restaurant

Join us as we celebrate superbowl sunday at the newly renovated lounge on grant Road( old tumblers). $5 domestics and an 8" 3 topping for $10 are just some of the specials. Plus one member has volunteered to collect some door prizes for our group. Anyone else wish to help him?

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Caledonian Curling Club

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