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What we're about

A social group for Vegans and Vegetarians but anyone who is interested in lowering their carbon footprint by eating more plant based food and wishing to know more about how to lead a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle is more than welcome to join.

We will be checking out local cafes/restaurants, having Vegan picnics, feeding the homeless, volunteering in kitchens, potlucks, compassion circles cooking and baking together, attending Vegan festivals, and there will be support/advice meetups for new Vegans too.

Moreover, the group will take part in a wide range of healthy and spiritually based activities such as walking, hiking, Yoga, swimming, a variety of meditation styles (Zen, Loving-kindness, Raja-Yoga, TM), Tai-chi and in the future we will even travel, retreat or camp out together and visit animal sanctuaries so much, much, much MORE!

I look forward to meeting you all :)

Group motto:

"We vow to eat with love, peace, and compassion for all beings, regardless of their size or status in our society"

About me:

"I decided to become a Vegan recently after dealing with prolonged inner conflict, meditating, self reflecting and watching and reading lots of material on animal cruelty, trafficking, exploitation, slavery, the health and environmental benefits of being Vegan and much more. I also decided to become a Buddhist, another reason to go Vegan.

I will no longer be part of the suffering, cruelty, enslavement or consumption of animals, no matter how big or small, no matter if they're domesticated, wild or raised on a farm.

All animals are deserving of our love, affection, appreciation and acceptance.

Not only are we enabling these beautiful beings to live. We are also making our environment safer to live in. I have no regrets"

Ps: Anybody interested in organising this group with me? get in contact! :)

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World Peace Cafe - Meditation & Meal

World Peace Cafe

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