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Welcome to WELD! We are Women for Economic and Leadership Development, Cleveland Chapter (https://www.weldusa.org/members/group_content_view.asp?group=192553&id=651197). Our mission is to develop and advance women's leadership to strengthen the economic prosperity of the communities we serve. Our programs and events develop women's business and leadership skills.

Women who attend our programs and events are able to grow their professional and interpersonal skills, expand their personal and professional networks, and pay forward their success. These connections help women find mentors and sponsors, new career opportunities and potential clients.

WELD is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit organization. Find us online at: https://www.weldusa.org/

We use an image of Rosie the Riveter in our logo to pay tribute to the women who challenged the traditional perception of women’s capabilities in the workplace and in society. Just as Rosie the Riveter and her colleagues broke new ground, our goal is to further the issues of economic development for women. During war time the slogan was, “The More Women at Work, the Sooner We Win.” This slogan holds just as true today as it did during Rosie’s time.

WELD Cleveland chapter (https://www.weldusa.org/members/group_content_view.asp?group=192553&id=651197) was launched in 2016. Our chapter offers a robust suite of leadership programs and has become the first chapter outside the central Ohio market to launch a Women WELDing the Way® calendar project.

Each year Cleveland chapter programs and events (https://www.weldusa.org/events/event_list.asp?show=&group=192553) provide leadership development and relationship building opportunities for woman at all points in their careers. Chapter volunteers contribute well over 1,000 hours each year to the chapter. Business and community leaders pay it forward by speaking at our events each year.

WELD as an organization fosters community collaboration and partnership. In connection with chapter events, the chapter has raised funds or supported the following organizations:

Dress for Success Cleveland
Girls With Sole

Membership in WELD (https://www.weldusa.org/page/join) provides the best opportunity to take advantage of our programs, leadership development training, and volunteer positions.

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