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We are a thriving group of women entrepreneurs committed to cultivating authentic relationships while providing ongoing mutual support and resources for growing our businesses.

WESOS is a safe place to learn, grow, and share your business.
WESOS creates the environment and provides the tools for women to empower themselves to success.

How would your business and your life change if you surrounded yourself with a group of women that refuse to let you fail? That is WESOS.

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WESOS Frankfort presents: How to Become a Task MASTER!

Dancing Marlin Restaurant

Kaylee Garcia is going to show us how to become a Task MASTER!

Sponsored by:

Patrice O'Toole of Fresh Air Experts:


October Special for WESOS sisters:
- $149 Houses & Offices up to 2000 sq ft.

Offering DIY (Disinfect It Yourself) Kits AND Flairosol Mister with Aseptic Plus Hospital Grade Disinfectant - just $15 AND it replaces two cans of toxic Lysol.

Gift: Filled 10oz Flairosol and a 3oz Purse Spray Sanitizer!

JoAnne Dykhuizen Feel So Good Canine Massage LLC:



• Three Canine Massage Gift Certificates (valued at $45)
• Two PawTreats
• A basket filled with PawTree products (value $75)

She will also be offering for sale Paw Tree Pet Seasonings, Treats, Baking Mixes, Pet Shampoo/Conditioner, and Supplements.

Kaylee Garcia of Farmer's Insurance.


Need help prioritizing in a way that gets the important stuff done? Do you regularly have task paralysis? Make sure you are with us on October 28 at WESOS-Frankfort!!

Kaylee Garcia is brand new to WESOS. After 12 years in the insurance industry and several years with the Farmers Insurance District Office, she decided to open her own agency. Her agency focuses on education so that everyone that receives a quote from us is able to make an informed decision when shopping for insurance. She is a husband-and-wife team that is able to service clients in both English and Spanish, in Oswego.

Because many business owners often face task paralysis, meaning a project or task list is so intimidating, overwhelming, or just unappealing that it doesn't get done, Kaylee’s will cover how to prioritize your to-do list, chip away at the projects that seem overwhelming, and help you to become a task MASTER!

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WESOS Frankfort: How to Stop Asking Permission to Be Awesome!

Dancing Marlin Restaurant

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