What we're about

---About this event----
To share the knowledge about FinTech together, this meetup is organized.
Recently, new digital payment system will adopt in the world. Especially , WFC (digital currency) definitely is going to use in general market, and Malaysia is one of them.

This meetup can provide an opportunity to learn what is FinTech, and future expectation in Malaysia.

---Who should join us---
If you have completely zero knowledge about Fintech, please join us.

If you have already know about Fintech, you will learn how new digital payment system(cryptocurrency x blockchain) is going to be adopted in Malaysia.

It might be an opportunity to know how your company will have relationship with digital currency.

---What this meetup do---
We hold the seminar included Q&A session.
We accept all of people who are interested about Fintech.
For investment? For learning? For your business?
It is up to you, but this meet up can provide you benefits.

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