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This is a group for those interested in achieving health through whole food, plant-based nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and sustainable living. Our focus is to connect human and environmental health as two parts of a larger whole and spread the message of sustainability through our bodies, minds, and daily choices.

Our focuses include:

• Sustainable Nutrition: Whole food, plant-based, vegan.

• Wellness: Mindfulness, body and mind connection, spirituality, support systems and community, stress reduction.

• Physical Activity: At least 30 minutes of daily exercise.

• Toxin-Free Lifestyle: Free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, BPA/BPS, plastic, soft and heavy metals, additives, colorants

• Sustainability: Zero-waste, plastic-free, recycling, composting, green housing.

• Sustainable Agriculture: Organic, non-GMO, permaculture, pesticide and chemical free, urban gardening

Feel free to reach out and let's make our health and the world better places to live!

Margarita Restrepo

Upcoming events (5+)

Shedding & Manifesting Ceremony CBD Hypnotic SoundBath Meditation Holistic Fair

“REVITALIZING TUESDAY'S Holistic Healing & Psychic Fair and a Candlelight Sound Healing Meditation Experience. Special $15 admission or Yoga Source Class Pass. Visit the Holistic Fair 4:00-7:30 pm. Choose from our Revitalization Healing Buffet: Experience vibrational Healing, Self-Care, Restoration, & re-balancing. We provide alternative approaches for healing, & direction for body mind and spirit. Every week we have a different variety of Healing Practitioners, Energy Workers, Bodyworkers, Theta Healing, Tarot and Angel Card readers, Psychics, Mediums, Akashic Records and more! The Cheapest Healthcare around! Followed by a Sound Healing Meditation Free entry. $1 per minute sessions. Holistic Fair Packages For $50: 3/$20 minute sessions/60 minutes-Get in sound bath free Candlelight Sound Healing Meditation 7:45 - 9:00 pm. We use a wide variety of ancient sound healing instruments including 2 Paiste planetary tuned Gongs, 4 Singing Crystal Bowls, 24 Tibetan bowls, djembe and heart drum, two Tank Drums, and more create a sound healing experience that will vibrate and activate every cell in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Musicians change weekly, it is never the same! We welcome new musicians! MASTER LIST Our talented holistic Buffet of Practitioners, Card Readers, and Consultants change weekly and may include the following: Always recruiting new talent. Text[masked] ROSTER ~ Angie Gonzalez- Permaculture Thai yoga massage, acupressure ~ Bee Mark- Intuitive Tarot & Angel Card Reader, Healing Touch Energy Healer ~ Benjamin Prows- Gypsy oracle reader, circus performer, bodyworker, musician ~ Dan Siegel- Health and Wellness Coach- “The Innovator” ~ David Leclerc- Gongmaster, Vibration Artist, Photographer, Chef ~ Deanna Leibman- Aura Reader, Angel Cards, Reiki Master ~ Donnareyna Donna Sessler- Intuitive Strategic Solutionary Life Coach, Oracle & Tarot, I Ching, Angelic Cards & Spirit Guided, Channeled Messages. Crystal Healer, Vendor Inspirations Unlimited ~ Dr. Diane Elaine Bonardi- Aura Photography, Astrologist, Rune & Angel Card Readings, Reiki, Sound Healer. ~ Gaby Ugarte-Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Meditation, Yoga ~ Jagannath Das (Jose Pina)- Didgeridoo Sound Healer with Reiki ~ Jeff Stearns- High Priest and Grand Master of the Children of the Light, Acutuning Certified in Tuning Forks for Chakra Healing, Higher Dimensional Energy, Spiritual and Vibrational Healing, Healing the 7 Wounds and giving the Shakti, Shekinah and Wholeness Blessings. ~ Juan Orellana- Energy and Crystal Healer, Shamanic Clearing, Plant Medicine, Musician, Websites, Graphic Designer, ~ Julie Diane- Medical Intuitive Healer, Quantum Energy Healer ~ Larry Stuart- Master Reiki Teacher, Reconnection Healer, Reader, Life Coach, Meditation ~ Lauren Mades- Thai Yoga Massage, Meditation, Breathwork, Dearmourning ~ Luna Trinity Ruby- Past Life readings, Karmic Lessons ~ Mark Gross- Tarot Card Teacher and Reader and Numerologist ~ Melysa Mac- Tong Ren, Sujok Therapy, hand massaging, seed & color therapy, Laser light therapy, Tapping/EFT, Chakra Balancing ~ Michele Vismaya Rubin, LMT- Massage Therapy, Gratitude Girl ~ Tarot Monakiri- Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Spiritual coach, Crystal, and Reiki Healer ~ Rahamesh J Cruz- Hand Pan Musician, Artist, Intuitive Reader ~ Riko Chirito – Vedic Thai Yoga Massage, Energy Healer, Shamanic Clearing ~ Sahara Starr Rose- Intuitive Angel & Tarot Card Reader, Psychic Medium, Finds lost objects, Shamanic Clearings ~ Sheri "The Revitalizer" Kaplan - Free Chakra diagnostic, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, TESLA, Access Consciousness Bars, Healer, Organizer - Steve Spencer- LMT- 25 yrs Massage therapy, Bodyworker, Energy Healer ~ Teri Angel- TIME Healer, Card Reader, Angel Communicator, Channel, Author, Happiness Coach, Talk Show Host ~ Theresa L. Ukaj- Chair Energy Massage, Reiki ~ Yellow Blossom - Native American Healer and Reader, past life regression

Chakra Alignment Sound Healing Therapy, Reiki, Bars, TESLA Sessions-Private

Self Care for your SOUL Recalibrate, release your anxieties & heal deeply. Press the pause button- relax, release, and recharge your batteries and get grounded refreshed and revitalized Are you ready to try something new?! Traditional healthcare is not your only option, let Sheri Kaplan heal Physical & Emotional discomfort in the Body, Heart & Soul. Read reviews Here: https://sotellus.com/reviews/sheri-kaplan/ 7/25/18 Sheri is the real deal. Personable, engaging, intuitive, thorough, and skillful. I came to her with a desperate need to be unblocked physically, emotionally, and spiritually. . She then began to apply the amazing multiple techniques (energy, sound, sacred geometry, Tesla, and chakra healing). Miguel R 7/12/18 "Sheri was absolutely amazing. She is the real thing! I have had absolutely amazing private sessions with top practitioners in Sedona and my session with Sheri Kaplan surpassed all my previous experiences. In just one session, I can feel the difference and lightness that results from clearing out past traumas' blockage from your chakras. Sheri! You are a gift from the universe". Monica. P “She did more in an hour than months of chiropractic visits. I highly recommend setting up a session with her and see for yourself her true healing gifts" ~Camille L. "Working with Sheri is the perfect balance. She gets you out of your thinking mind and into your feeling body…if you don’t believe it, go see her. She’ll change your mind (and your spirit).” Cynthia M. Sound Healing is so effective because it influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies. Different sound vibrations interact with our physical and energetic bodies in beneficial ways: Activates Higher States of -Consciousness Unlocks Blocked Emotions Relieves Anxiety and Stress Induces Complete Relaxation Promotes Deep Meditation Heightens Clarity Improves Ability to Concentrate Relieves Insomnia Decreases Depression Normalizes Blood Pressure Relieves Physical Pain Release Emotional Trauma ➙Would you or someone you know like to Bask In Sound Healing Vibrations experience? ➙ Or would you like to Access the internal workings of your mind with the Access Consciousness bars? ➙Did you ever experience your body being surrounded by singing healing Tibetan Bowls? ➙Or feel the Vibration of the Belly bowl on your body… where every cell vibrates from the top of your head to your toes? (Look behind the scenes in this video!) https://www.facebook.com/sherikaplantherevitalizer/videos/564551903897823/ Put yourself first and make an appointment from noon- 6 pm by Sheri Kaplan, organizer of Healers Network and Revitalizing Mondays (now Tuesdays). Sheri Kaplan provides one on one Sound Healing Chakra Balancing Access Bars sessions by appointment only AFFORDABLE Holistic Healthcare, Allocate 2 hours for first time session Special for meet up members $97 (reg $147) Sheri Kaplan offers Private transformational Sound Healing sessions by appointment. She incorporates a MULTI-SENSORY approach in these healing sessions using a unique combination of techniques; Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Tibetan and singing crystal bowls, gong, Reiki, sacred geometry Crystal's, Tesla Healing Metamorphosis, aromatherapy, transformational coaching, Shamanic work and intuitive readings. Sheri Kaplan is the only Healer you need to go to, so stop running all over town! To reserve a session you may text her at[masked] or private message. She does not take walk in’s. Join Meet Up Group Here https://www.meetup.com/Healers-Network-Of-South-Florida/ Join Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/healersnetwork/ NEW: Sign Up for Text Message REMINDERS here: http://bit.ly/2pfiVvw http://facebook.com/sherikaplantherevitalizer Www.instagram.com/sheritherevitalizerkaplan Visit website for testimonials, https://www.sherikaplan.com

TryVegan Buffet Event 3-29-19 – Tamarac


TeamEarthSave, City of Tamarac, Chef Katz, Hostess Estela, Stu Edelman and Emcee VeganMan P R E S E N T TRYVEGAN BUFFET EVENT[masked] – TAMARAC Reservations Required Reserve ASAP so Chef Brook can estimate food portions Plans change… CANCEL PROMPTLY – don’t waste food. Free Reservations> https://www.earthsavemiami.org/event/tryvegan-buffet-event-3-29-19-tamarac/ or Chef Katz [masked] |[masked], or [masked] |[masked] 5:00 Doors Open, EarlyBirds Mix n’ Mingle Hour 5:15 Chef Brook’s Vegan Buffet, T-Shirt Workshop by Pat Herskind, Sprout Me 6:30 Wisdom Talk by Karen Ellis-Ritter 7:30 Environmental Art & Book-signing by Susie Q Wood 8:15 GiveAways, Open Stage 8:45 CleanUp ______ CHEF BROOK'S MENU: Org. Mixed Greens Salad with Oil- and Non-oil Dressings (GF & Raw) other dishes... TBA ______ Wisdom Talk: ‘Vegan Activism for All’ by Karen Ritter-Ellis Vegucator and Activist for Animal Rights-Resource Conservation-Feeding Our World-Environmental Preservation; compassionatefarming.org ______ Environmental Art & Book-signing by Susie Q Wood Founder, Global TRASHformation; transforming litter into beautiful art projects improves our waterways and inspires good stewardship. FB@SusieQWoodEnvironmentalArtist ______ T-SHIRT WORKSHOP by Pat Herskind Bring a clean t-shirt (White, Lt. Gray and Lt. Blue best hold marker colors) + $2 (art supplies) and design your personal vegan ‘billboard’ with our Vegtastic Artist's guidance. M & L sizes available for $3. ______ Blue and White Ticket GiveAway Raffles ▪▪NEW▪▪ Donor’s Choice of Blue Prizes DOUBLE INCENTIVE to bring your reusable plate, mug & utensils and avoid plastic or paper filling landfills: 1- You receive a bonus White Ticket 2- You avoid $1 Eco-impact Fee for our place setting Support EarthSave's Mission123: Your generous Donation enables everyone to Try Vegan, taste healthy vegan food, preserve our environment and eliminate cruelties of animal agriculture B Sure B 4 U Drive - Get last minute venue/date/updates on Calendar> www.earthsavemiami.org/events GiveAways: a) White Tickets - Multiple winners get Vegan Rewards Prizes furnished by American Vegan Society b) Blue Tickets - Premium Donor Prizes Vegtastic Open Stage - sing a song, read a poetry, guided meditation, laughter yoga, testimonial, art exhibit… Advice Forum: new get & give lifestyle and ethics advice Chant YUMMM: unique VeganMan lyric Don’t Believe the Numbers? EarthSave events are posted on multiple social media so RSVP's appear understated. Advice/Questions: Chef Estela [masked] |[masked] (text/vmail) Satisfaction Guarantee: We feed you with compassionate-nutritious-sustainable Healthy Vegan Food and side orders of Vegan Logic and Vegtastic Entertainment. We aim for your 100% Satisfaction. Give us 'Feed-back' comments, reviews and questions. EarthSaveMiami.org |Tel/SMS:[masked] | Email: [masked] | Join Us: FB@ EarthSaveFlorida | Meetup.com/EarthSave-South-Florida | Free eDIGEST | ‘EarthSaveFlorida’ YouTube Channel | vegtastic.co/EarthSave-Media-Kit REGISTERED SOLICITOR #CH47114: Your generous financial contributions power EarthSaveMiami.org's 23-year tradition of Healthy Vegan Lifestyle Support & Education, with 400+ festivals, films, panels, parties, potlucks, community initiatives, camaraderie - always nutritious-delicious-nonviolent food. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling Toll-Free[masked] within the state or online @ www.800helpfla.com. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state.

Yoga at YGFM

Yellow Green Farmers Market

Join me at Yellow Green Farmers Market from 8:30-9:30 AM for a FREE 60 min all levels yoga class! Come one, come all, EVERYONE is welcome! Availability is on a first come, first serve basis so arrive early to grab a spot! Just bring your mat and some water. Class will start promptly at 8:30 am. Hope to see you there! ❤️

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Yoga at YGFM

Yellow Green Farmers Market

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