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This is a group for those women - especially HR pros - who are tired of taking in so much 'junkfood' in the workplace! You are sick of going to work only to find yourself dealing with toxic cultures, dysfunctional behavior and environments which leave you bloated, lacking energy and suck the potential right out of you. You want to be part of the solution. And, you also know that none of us is perfect. So, you're eager to build your own skills and tap into your hidden talents.

You want #RealTalk about the workplace. No sugarcoating and no topic is off limit in your mind, even if it makes others squirm a bit. Why? Because you're ready to get down to business to do more than just survive each day....you want to thrive.

Here's more about thriving and finding your voice as a woman in the workplace (https://www.joannerencher.com/).

See here for more context about WGNinHR (https://www.wgninhr-consulting.com/).

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7 Steps to Defeating the Workplace Bully

810 7th Ave

Join me for this Masterclass to engage in #RealTalk About the Workplace. This first Masterclass will tackle the topic of workplace bullying. Just when we thought we left bullies on the school playground, we find that workplaces have bullies too. Sadly, many have either personally experienced workplace bullying, or know someone who has - a whopping 60% according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. In order to defeat something, you have to define it. You have to understand it. This Masterclass will do that and more. I'll explain the different profiles of workplace bullies and share 7 key steps to defeating them. Before we dive into these meaty and thought-provoking topics, all Masterclasses will begin with a social mixer! Light refreshments will be available. Then, get ready to dive in as we wade through some choppy waters. No worries, I’ll serve as your Chief Navigator and Encourager. Having ‘been there, done that and gotten the T-shirt’ on these issues, I can offer you light and hope. We’ll improve the workplace...one Masterclass at a time. You're worth it. Can’t wait to see you there! There is no cost to attend this event. Just bring your best and one guest (if you'd like)

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