What we're about

Have you ever thought about starting in real estate investing?

Have you ever thought that it was too hard or you wish you had others to help you learn or get started?

Have you ever thought...... "must be nice, but I just don't have the money!"

Come learn with us through a simple board game. We will be playing the Cash Flow board game. It is for beginners who have never played, and we include more advanced concepts for those have played before. There is literally something for everyone. I always strive for two things.......
1.) Having fun and 2.) Everyone learns something

Learn topics such as,
The importance of different Business entities, Tax saving strategies, paying a mortgage down in 7 years without extra payments to the mortgage, creating cashflow, repairing personal credit, building business credit and more.

Email me (Rob.JFE@gmail.com) directly for signing up and so we can determine how game boards we need to bring and seating that will be needed. First event is scheduled for 4/16/18 and the intent will be to meet and play/collaborate regularly.

***Note: Everyone is invited to join no matter their experience. All that is required is a positive attitude.

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