What we're about

We are a local community of innovators, entrepreneurs, corporate innovation labs, startups, investors, and innovation supporters, exchanging experiences and ideas building a better tomorrow. We carry out an innovative and open mindset. No idea is too crazy, no concept too bold, there are no stupid questions and we let the devils advocates at home. We know for fact: If you can imagine it you can make it. And even though we meet and collaborate locally, we maintain connections to peers in other countries around the world. Innovate for a better world!


Accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship for everybody. We envision a world where innovation and entrepreneurship accelerate a sustainable development of humanity across all nations.


Make sure you have a real photo of yourself, your real name and profile info, so that we all get to know you. If you feel we should not know, we feel you should not join.


As a foundation we rely on the support and dedication from a global volunteer team. We are looking for individuals or groups who share our same vision for accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship that will ignite prosperity for all nations.

If you are interested in donating a few hours of your time for an event or assist in spreading our message we have a variety of open volunteer opportunities.

Become a Volunteer: https://wiforum.org/join/volunteer/

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NORTH AMERICA (Since 2014)

- San Francisco, California, USA

EUROPE (Since 2016)

- Berlin

- Munich

- Zurich

SOUTH EAST ASIA (Since 2018)

- Ha Noi, Vietnam

- Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

- Kathmandu, Nepal

- Phnom Penh, Cambodia

- Seoul, South Korea

- Singapore, Singapore

AFRICA (since 2020)

- Accra, Ghana

- Kampala, Uganda

- Kigali, Rwanda

- Lagos, Nigeria

- Nairobi, Kenya

We're all looking forward to get to know you.


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