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    Hello and welcome,

    WIGGI ™ is all about feeling fantastic, going after what you want and having great relationships. The relationships you have with others, but most importantly the one you have with yourself.

    I started WIGGI™ when I realised that having a great relationship with that someone special was something that everyone strives for and something very few people have. On our quest to be happy and fulfilled, we tend to fall into the trap of looking for other people to complete us or someone else to make us happy, when actually the opposite is true. We tend to look outside ourselves for what we need, without realising all we need to be happy and fulfilled is in within us. WIGGI™ is here to give you some friendly help and support to find it. When you are really happy with yourself, it is really easy to know what you WANT and confidently GO GET IT.

    WIGGI™ is here to offer advice and wisdom for women who are looking for that great relationship with a significant other, but also with themselves. Because lets face it, you cant have one without the other. We will teach you how to build strong confidence, self-esteem and be truly happy with who you are. Once you are happy, confident and have great self esteem, anything you WANT (like that great relationship) becomes really easy to GO and GET.

    If you are single, have found you’re losing yourself and getting frustrated about trying to find "The One", take a break, come meet with us have some fun, and get clear on what you really want.

    If you are in a relationship have forgotten about who you are, what you want, or handed someone else the control to make you happy. Come meet with us and discover how to get yourself back.

    If you are loving your live, loving being you, having great relationships or having a ball being single, come and meet with us. You’ll be a great support and wealth of knowledge to others.

    What I have learned is that if you want to change and be really happy, it can be really helpful to talk about your experiences and challenges with other people who have felt the same, who have been there, overcame it and who can really support and encourage you on your own individual quest.

    When you can share your challenges and experiences with people who have achieved what you are looking for, you start to BELIEVE that you can get there too. When you start to believe, you really can achieve all that you want. When you WANT IT you can GO GET IT!!!

    WIGGI™ will hold regular meetup groups that are INTERACTIVE and loads of FUN.
    We will have:
    • Group Workshops
    • Cocktail Evenings
    • Wish Nights
    • Girly Day’s Out
    • Pamper Days……the list goes on.

    WIGGI™ meetups will help you discover how to be happy with who you truly are and provide you with a safe and comfortable environment for you to do this. So, if you are looking to meet some great women, create some fantastic friendships, get rid of the negative baggage, enjoy your life and feel fantastic. Then WIGGI™ is the meet up group for you.

    Join WIGGI™ and find out how it can help you and also how you can help others. We would love to hear from you and have you be part of our group.

    We also have a page on Facebook.. Join us on there
    Bye for now,
    Chief go getter

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