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Calling wild women to create a sacred sisterhood temple in nature. We are gathering twice a month on new and full moon to reflect on nature, tune into the Earth rhythms with shamanic drum, ground ourselves by hugging trees, walking barefoot, dancing around the fire, letting go of old patterns with fire ceremony, giving a gifts of presence in sharing circle, meeting new like minded female friends, creating a tribe and feeling the union, expressing ourselves, taking off our masks in safe and nurturing environment.


"Beautiful Liuda, thank you so much for creating such a sacred space on Sunday. It really warms my heart that i could experience something that i thought i could only imagine but would never come into reality! I looooved making the herbal bath, and the singing, and the touch exercises. I struggled to feel really present at the beginning, probably from all my travelling through London so for me some more grounding exercises at the start would have been good. Thank you sister"

Sophie, Reading, 20 August self-love and deep nourishment

"I found Barefoot in the woods really nourishing, the most nourishing thing I've taken part in for a long time. I think that the silence and stillness was key to me, you did a remarkable job of providing calming guidance for us to follow, I found it easy to follow your instruction and guidance because I felt able to trust that you wouldn't lead us anywhere dangerous. It was respectful and tender and I really benefited from it hugely."

Beatrice, Sutton, 20 August self-love and deep nourishment

"It was so so so beautiful!
My heart ia still beating to the sound of the drums and our voices!!!!"

Ana, London 9 July Dancing under the full moon

"Thanks for your message-we both had a lovely time. I feel as though a whole lot of information came rushing out of me all at once and I couldn't stop it! I suppose that is down to being around people who will listen without judgement-not something I am used to when it comes to discussing this kind of thing. Everyone was o lovely though and I feel as though now I know what to expect I will have a calmer, less anxious approach. I am very much looking forward it."

Sarah, London, 9 July Dancing under the full moon

"IT was absolutely PURRRRFECT!! It has helped me massively. I feel much
much better. You are truly inspiring and helping
to create space for Woman to reconnect with ourselves, each other and
our beloved planet and universe."

Katie, London, 23 July Dark moon and exploring the shadow

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Forest Hill

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