“Personal Motivation and ADHD: Unlock the Hidden Truth”


September 17: Kristen Baird-Goldman, LMFT, ATR, “Personal Motivation and ADHD: Unlock the Hidden Truth”

Stressing the importance of a task and using deadlines and rewards systems are generally not strong motivators for a person with ADHD to get things done. Being in the present moment and embracing your core values can help one stay focused and get things done. Many ADHD professionals are having great success with people by using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a behavioral therapy developed by Steven Hayes, Kelly Wilson and Kirk Strosahi. ACT can help people connect with their values, minds and bodies to motivate them to be productive. Learn about ACT and Mindfulness and how using the evidenced-based techniques can allow you to access your strengths and abilities when you need them. Steven Hayes’s ACT manual works for people with ADHD because it recognizes that the concept of importance is not enough of a motivator for individuals with ADHD and or anxiety. In ACT, a person is asked what matters to them most, what has made a real difference in their lives and how can they engage in something meaningful that reflects their values

Kristen Baird-Goldman is a licensed marriage and family therapist, registered art therapist, certified ADHD professional, and certified perinatal mental health clinician. She is also trained in Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). As an Integrative Psychotherapist, understanding that we are a combination of nature (genetics) and nurture (environment) is important. We may not be able to change our genetics, be we can change our environment and how we respond to it. Collaborating with an integrative medical team provides the opportunity to focus on the whole person leading clients to optimal well-being. Kristen works with individuals (adolescence through adulthood), couples and groups with ADHD, Spectrum and Sensory Processing Disorders, and Twice Exceptional Individuals. She has a private practice in Sherman Oaks and at the Integrative Pediatrics and Medical group in Studio City, CA.