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Audubon Holistic Lecture Series - Dr. Marc Violante

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I found a listing of the Tuesday Night Audubon Holistic Lecture Series at:
So I thought I'd post them for your viewing pleasure. They want you to register in person or by phone
(716) 689-4922
Reorganizational Healing

Dr. Violante will lecture on "Reorganizational Healing: Wellness Care vs. Disease Care," providing you with an explanation of Network Spinal Analysis Care and how it helps you shift into a wellness paradigm. He will do a hands-on demonstration. Network Spinal Analysis Care (NSA) involves the use of a series of gentle contacts (an entrainment), along areas of the neck and spine, which alert the brain to release chronic tension and trauma, as well as everyday stress, from the spine and nervous system.
Dr. Marc Violante is a Doctoral graduate of New York Chiropractic College and holds a B.A. in psychology from SUNY Plattsburgh. Dr. Marc has been providing Network Care since 1998. He is the only D.C. in WNY providing this specific type of care and holds a certificate for the highest level of clinical training in this technique. In addition, Dr. Violante leads numerous NSA healing and wellness retreats. His web site is:

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