What we're about

People who have a passion for gardening, urban farming, sustainability, self-reliance, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics and of course, fresh, organic, local, fruits, vegetables and herbs, are urged to JOIN.
We will cover food growing topics ranging from fruits and veggies to mushrooms and even insects. Yes, eating bugs. It’s a thing.

o Learn to grow your own food year-round. Even in this crazy WNY winter.
o Become a part of a movement that is changing the world.
o Learn about a STEM skill that will allow you to literally put food on the table.
o Some methods require less time commitment than a traditional part time job.
o certain methods will allow you to Farm/ garden regardless of mobile disability.
o We will explain how your skill in growing can be used to make money on the side.
o You can also use your skill to benefit the environment and to benefit society.

What you get by joining:

• Learn more about the practice of Urban Farming
Discussion about the best:
• Seeds
• Supplies
• Nutrients
• Training material
• Food to grow
• Access to markets
• Post-harvest amenities and services
And becoming a part of a community of like minded individuals.

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Buffalo Y.I.M.B.Y festival and DIY Hydroponic workshop

Old KMart/ Sattlers Department Store

🚨🎉!!!Microgreen + Pizza party!!! 🌱🍕

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What an Urban Farm startup ACTUALLY looks like

Needs a location

GardenWalk Buffalo

Evergreen Health

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