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The Power of Letting Go: Meditation with Nissa

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During our lifetime we go through a variety of experiences, some of these experiences make us happy and some hurt us. The natural way to cope with the bad experiences is to react to them with expression of strong emotions like crying, getting angry, but due to social conditioning most often these emotions are suppressed. This suppression causes holding onto these bad experiences and events in the subconscious mind so that someday you can react to them. This holding back manifests as emotional, psychological and physical problems in the long run. Worry can cripple your happiness and allow stress to build up in your heart center. Letting go of worry can seem difficult because your mind can give you many logical reasons why you need to worry.

During this meditation, first the body is taken into the state of deep relaxation. When the body mind system is relaxed the main meditation tries very gently activating these dormant and suppressed bad experiences and uses the healing power of visualization to cleanse your subconscious.


Nissa is a Theta healer and a Feng Shui consultant. She entered the world of energy healing by accident -“there is no such thing as accident or coincidence” as she says; when she felt that there is something missing in her life. She has the perfect career, a lovely home, family and friends who love her and whom she loves… Yet she was drowning in the darkness of depression. Until all the questions were answered – “not all questions can be answered”- three years ago through Theta Healing, an energy healing modality. Nissa complements her energy healing and intuitive powers with designing environments with the Flying stars school of Feng Shui to enhance the flow of energy for a harmonious living.


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