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Tell Us About Your Biz III & Empower Your Communication in 2013!


Hello WON Sisters, Friends, and Guests! Join a sisterhood of Professional, Successful, and Devoted friends at our Bi-Weekly Lunch & Laughs for our "Tell Us About Your Biz " Member Infomercial & learn how to remain attentive to others and Empower Your Communication with Vicki Sargent of Celebrate Communication Workshops!

This will be YOUR opportunity to tell your WON Sisters & Friends all about YOU & YOUR SERVICES or PRODUCTS and to let US know how WE can help YOU GROW!

All Attendees please come prepared to spend 1-2 minutes sharing with the group about yourself and your business. Please make sure to bring business cards, promotional items, flyers, handouts, etc on your business for our business info table. And learn how to “Empower Your Communication"in 2013!

Speaker: Vickie Sargent

Creator of "Celebrate Communications" Workshops

In our rapidly increasing busy lives, we are pulled in a number of directions and our ability to focus takes a hit. With the emergence of the new year, the number of items on our never-ending “To Do” list increases, but our ability to focus decreases. In our world of one more thing to do coupled with the blessing and curse of technology, remaining attentive to others during communication can be challenging. But, when we are fully attentive to others when they are in communicating with us, something magical happens. Calm is created, validation occurs, and mutual respect is given a space to be born. Vickie will give you tools to empower your communication with others.

About Vickie

Vickie Sargent is a relationship coach who specializes in the parent-teen dynamic. She teaches parents how to communicate so that frustration is decreased. Vickie taught high school for 19 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and was the recipient of numerous student-selected awards and was voted by students to deliver commencement speeches at two different schools. While her area of expertise is parents and teens, the skills she teaches are easily transferable to any relationship. She is also the author of a recently released book, “The Principles of Principals: Revealing the Archetypes of Principals.” Her book can be purchased on

Vickie is committed to helping restore the harmony in relationships that are more frustrating than fun.

Your Cost: Your Lunch, please bring cash or check and please see details below

Parking: There is plenty of 3 hour parking in lots behind the banks and 2 hour street parking around the restaurant. Also, downtown San Carlos has free public parking lots behind the stores on Laurel Street.

Wednesday, Jan 9 Meeting Format & Menu:

11:30 - 12:00: Check-in & Open Networking; Lunch Served (Buffet Style)

12:00 - 12:10: Director Opening Remarks

12:10 - 12:50: Member Guest Introductions

12:40 - 01:20: Empower Your Communication with Vickie Sargent

01:20 - 01:30 Director Closing Remarks/Member Upcoming Events

01:30 - 02:00: Member and guest follow-up, Open Networking (Optional)

(Please feel free to arrive later if necessary & to leave at whatever time is necessary)


TBD; Buffet Style with Vegetarian Options

**We have successfully negotiated an all-inclusive meal pricing of [starter, entree, & dessert (optional) + your choice(s) of drinks (coffee, iced tea, lemonade, soda) = $17.74 + State tax (9.5%) + gratuity $4.00, total $24.00,]