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My name is Suzanne Biscotti, I'm a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition coach based out of Quincy, MA. This group is made of passionate people looking to get healthier, stronger, fitter, and more toned... oh and of course, go out and have a little fun!

I'm obsessed with yoga. You might recognize my name because I have been a teacher and fanatic student of the Open Doors Yoga Studios across the South Shore for over 7 years. I also am from MA, went to college here, and between my fiance and I, I'm probably related to at least 50% of the Italians in Boston!

If I don't have the pleasure of knowing you, I do look forward to meeting you when the time comes. But if you do know me, one thing about me that I believe no one would argue with is; I like to have fun, and hanging out with positive people doing cool things is my jam!

So naturally, this group is made of people who like to travel, workout, go out at night (dancing or just socializing!), sit around and discuss the world, plan spiritual retreats, drink green juice, hike, collaborate, and all around, just have fun in this life! We workout and go out!


The whole purpose of this meetup group is to have support in the journey of living a healthy, abundant, happy lifestyle. I will guide you through workout and nutrition plans that will get you into the best shape of your life! I'm confident in my method as I have guided thousands of others over the last 7 years through their journeys to optimal health.


I offer 1-3 weekly free and paid group training workout sessions. Workouts take place in my Quincy Center gym, outside, hotels, restaurants, retail locations, yoga studios, or other fitness facilities across Boston and the South Shore... all depends on the week, weather, and what we feel like doing as a group! During these sessions, I guide you through 30-120 minute workouts that blend POWER YOGA, BARRE, PILATES, HIIT, and a little bit of DANCING :)... and please don't be scared of the dance, I'm half Colombian, but my workout dance moves only take up a small fraction of the classes and can be followed by anyone, including beginners! They have a purpose... to shape that booty! :). These workouts are designed to tone, lengthen, strengthen and beautifully shape your body... men included!!! You can read more about my workouts here https://www.vivaomm.com/ . I also provide information, e-books, and tutorials for a workout and nutrition plan you can do at home, anytime, anywhere.

We exercise, follow an assortment of different fitness and nutrition challenges, and most fun... go out together! This group is for the women and men of Boston and the South Shore looking to be a part of a fun loving fitness AND social community. We hop around to change our workout scenery AND our social ones too... we go to shows, festivals, restaurants, hiking/skiing/snowboarding spots, and more!

Feel free to join as any time... go with the flow!


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