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How/Why to Write an Engaging Client On-boarding Questionnaire

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Speaker: Veronica Oleson - @veronica_oleson
Topics: Online Marketing, Sales, UX

You’ve closed the sale and landed a new (or repeat) client.
Congratulations! Now what?

Freelancers and agency owners often struggle with on-boarding new clients and setting the tone for a successful web design/development project. The reasons behind this struggle are usually a mix of the following:

* We want our clients to like us, so we tend to jump when they say jump and don't set boundaries.
* We want to eventually get a great testimonial or future referrals, so we cave to client requests instead of standing our ground.
* We do things we normally might not do because it's easier to say yes than it is to say no and deal with the awkward conversation that results.

Why this is a problem: When this goes on for too long, we eventually start to feel resentful and taken advantage of. Then, when we've finally had enough, we get frustrated, blame the client, and things go to H-E-double-hockey-sticks.

The solution? A client on-boarding questionnaire! Plus, of course, a signed contract. (Don’t worry, we’ll cover that in next month’s Meetup!)

A Client On-boarding Questionnaire is your first step to ensuring everyone is on the same page, you have all the information you need, and clients feel the value in your services before even getting started.

Join Veronica Oleson for this talk, where you’ll get a first-hand look at a Client On-boarding Questionnaire that helps your client clearly define their creative vision and business requirements, opens up solid lines of communication, and guides the establishment of clear expectations for the project.

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