Meet4Speed: How To Speed Up Your Website


In the past years, Web Performance Optimization went from an interesting research to a full blown industry with solid use cases, proven solutions and vendor infrastructure.

Come join us at #WPMeet4SPEED!

Meet4Speed is a hands on session, where we talk about how to speed up websites, and PRACTICALLY, speed up each other's site.

Bring your laptop and we'll work together on optimizing our sites.

Server-Side Rendering, Templating, AJAX, Websockets, APIs..... Let's take a look at pros/cons of each approach to build the most performant website possible !

Then bring your laptop and website with you and we'll help optimizing it!

You can benefit even if you can't edit your site right now - we will be happy to share the knowledge.

We'll all learn how to see what's slow and how to make it fast!