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Go to 399 West Mall [just South from Burnamthorpe West of the 427.

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Europe's GDPR -General Data Privacy Regulations has shaken up how Security and Data Privacy is supported on the Web. Despite being a European regulation, GDPR applies to all websites that have European visitors. So when GDPR came into effect on May 25th 2018, some major US websites such as the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune cut off European browsers rather than complying with GDPR rules.

Fortunately for WordPress site-owners, the 4.9.6 core update supplied a number of features that simplified making their websites GDPR compliant. That will be a simple task for many WordPress websites whose only storage of users personal data may be from comments, use of Google Analytics, or recording sales information.

But be careful about ignoring GDPR because the EU has puts real teeth into the GDPR's privacy regulations. It levies substantial fines to companies that try to bypass its regulations. Just ask Google after getting hit with a $1B fine.

So this meetup will be devoted to summarizing how you can personally improve your security and data privacy while browsing the Web. These practices then impact what plugins and processing you put in place for your website to protect it [GDPR requires you to report any hacking or data breaches to your visitors upon discovery and subsequent repair].

So think of this meetup as an opportunity to get your own personal browsing routines up to snuff against a criminally determined hacking community. At the sametime learn what WordPress provides in plugins to enhance your websites security and expanded data privacy requirements.