Regular meeting of the 9/12 Project - We Surround Rochester

Meetings will be the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. The regular agenda will consist of action items and updates from the Coordinators of our three focus areas: Community Service Projects, Education, Community Outreach & Partnerships. We need some volunteers to step up!

Arrive by 6:00pm to get pizza. Or arrive even earlier for a delicious meal from Cerame's.

Community Service Projects: 4 projects per year - bring ideas.

Education: programs for group participation, book club, neighborhood walks, speakers, focusing on liberty, freedom and the Constitution

Community Outreach & Partnerships: partner with community groups in providing education, schools, churches, AFP, FreedomWorks, American Majority, Common Core, A21, 2A rights

We'll also be working on getting off of Meetup and expanding our email list!