What we're about

Making friends is hard. Rumor has it making friends in the PNW is even harder! As a woman, and especially a woman of color new to Bellingham I decided that there needed to be space for women and femmes to meet and hangout with like minded people in low pressure scenarios.

And so Whatcom Women and Femmes was born.

This group serves as a refuge and safe haven for all who identify as women or femme, whether you are cis, trans, or non gender conforming. Women and femmes of color are strongly encouraged to join - there aren’t many of us!

I’m new to organizing, so there may be some hiccups along the way. Any questions or suggestions are welcome.

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Low-Ki Hang

Culture Cafe at Kombucha Town

Don’t know what a “ki” is? Find out here: https://www.dictionary.com/e/slang/kiki/ This event will be an informal gathering in Bellingham, probably downtown so it’s easy for all to attend. Details will be added soon! If you’re interested, please comment on the meetup event or main group page. More interaction means more attendees (I hope). This event will be super low key, as the title suggests. As someone with mental illness I understand that sometimes something that seems small to others can feel overwhelming. If you want to come but feel anxious or worried you can reach out to me, or bring a buddy. I’ll be arriving 15 minutes early so you can come and scope the sitch with no pressure to stay. Feel free to come and sit in silence if you want!

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