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Why join a gym for a treadmill when we have plenty of walking areas right here? A classic eight-year study of 13,000 people conducted at the Institute for Aerobics Research under the direction of Dr. Steven Blair found that those who walked the equivalent of 30 minutes a day had a significantly lower risk of premature death than those who rarely exercised. So let's Walk It Off!

Intro - Walk It Off is for women who want to start FAST walking regularly (3-5 Nights A Week) at a medium - fast pace (An 18-20 minute mile) for health and weight loss in Citrus Heights / Carmichael / Fair Oaks area. Meeting walk partners to help motivate each other and having regular & repeating meetups with safety in numbers is the main goal for this group. If you are a marathoner or run 10 miles per day please know that we are a beginning walking group with shorter fast walks.

WHERE WE MEET - We will meet at a large nearby indoor Citrus Heights location in high temps or bad air days, or on rainy days, and outdoors at safe known neighborhoods or area parks.

WHEN - We meet in the PM HOURS, later afternoons AND many evenings indoors or earlier outside when the weather is more mild, depending on daylight hours. We walk approximately 2-3 miles which takes between 45 minutes to an hour. We can encourage each other, and there is safety in numbers! Mall walks have fast become a hit with this new group, as the mall has security, free parking, bathrooms, refreshments & shelter from the heat or rain all right there..

GOAL - The goal for this group is REGULAR FASTER PACED WALKING, shorter faster workouts more often, establishing a routine for cardio, health and fitness. If someone wants to host morning walks, they can do so, but this would mean a regular repeating commitment to HOST. Contact me if you are interested in this.

SLOWER WALKERS - We welcome you, we have a few, and if you start coming out and doing this, you will see that your walk speed will generally increase. The evening Mall walks are perfect for everyone, we pass each other, and encourage and time our walks... HEY, no shopping! lol

FUN STUFF - Occasional healthy dining out and Charity / Cause Walks will also be added to the calendar. If there's an event you'd like to add, just shoot me an email.

Come on ladies, LET'S Walk It Off! =)

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