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WALK STARTS PROMPTLY AT 5:00 PM ************ NO GRACE PERIOD ***************************

Wander along the canal and around the outside island - it's a great walk with a few steps (optional) thrown in. Walk rating: MODERATE to ADVANCE: - Variable Terrain: Flat (Optional Steps) Distance:

Est 3.5 Miles. Time:[masked] Hours

This is a brisk walk! This is not a stroll in the park. This walk is for advanced walkers (you must be able to keep up with the group).

You're advised to bring a flashlight during the winter until we get back onto dayl;ight saving time in the middle of March.

Not dog friendly (stairs)

Not baby stroller or wheelchair accessible (stairs)

Flexible Route: There are several places where you can take a shortcut or stop and wait for the rest of the group, if necessary. Or ... pick up the pace and meet up with the group later! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There were many questions about the route because the area is confusing ... please follow this link and it will make sense (I hope): [url= Island(s)[/url]

Route: From Yacht Club, follow Vista Del Golfo (turns in to E Corso Di Napoli) Follow the Riva Alto Canal on the inside of the big island Cross canal at E The Toledo bridge on the far side of the inner island R on Rivo Alto Canal (inner island) Cross to small (outside) island at W Neapolitan Ln (bridge) Walk around the small island Cross back to inner island at W Neapolitan Ln (bridge) Walk completely around the inner island on Rivo Alto Canal Cross back to the big island at E Neapolitan Ln (bridge) Turn right and follow E Corso Di Napoli & Vista Del Golfo back to Yacht Club

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